I should not be stressed, but I totally am…

So I got accepted to WashU St Louis, Boston and McGill Med!! 😀 Okay this is probably the best situation I can be in, with awesome choices. But OMG no I cant decide… Continue reading

Old habits die hard

Wow seems like there is just no way I can have a decently normal/human sleep/wake schedule. For some utterly strange reason I always end up working late into the night, regardless of how… Continue reading



South East Asian night

In celebration of all the wonderful food,  people and culture of south east asia, the Malaysian and Singaporean student’s association is hosting a wonderful  and spectacular event with loads of great food and… Continue reading

Dinner with some selfie

Braised herb pork with carrots, okra fried with eggs, Chinese long jin tea with mandarin oranges for desserts :33 Satisfied!

Late nights/early mornings with Benjamin Franklin

American literature 1 on Benjamin Franklin,  the American dream, slavery,  abolitionist and the American renaissance. As much as I (sometimes) find these works fascinating,  studying for the midterm is sucking the life out… Continue reading

Freebie desserts

Perks of being in neuroscience council?  Our friend bakes cream of Earl Grey cupcakes for the entire council!!  Omg it’s crazy deelish especially with bits of baked tea leaves in there!! :))


Time to get fat

Pool on a page

taking a dip Found this looking through my Facebook news feed. I wish drawings can become reality. (Credits to Rosalyn Lee from 98.7fm Singapore)

The end of undergrad